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S.T., offering a comprehensive, kaleidoscopic range for high-tech industries.

Metaphorically speaking, we became who we are today by travelling on the circuits where the big names compete. Now we are returning everything we have learnt and cultivated over time, offering enhanced know-how, experience and methodology.

Your single point of contact for countless activities:

  • Management of end-to-end projects, without shying away from long-term ones.
  • Responsiveness for spot assignments and urgent requests.
  • Flexibility in terms of rental options that can be managed and customised over time by the customer.
  • Ongoing training for senior staff.
  • Continuous training and certification of new junior staff members.
  • Constant investment in technology and innovation.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and can be tailored to suit your needs.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


Analysis, Failure Analysis and support for the technical approval of prototypes are the services for which S.T. is known and renowned. The organisation has evolved in terms of the quality control methods used to assess mechanical systems or individual components post technical approval or during the testing phase.

  • Assembly and overhaul of prototypes and small-series mechanical systems
  • Testing
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality
  • Analysis
  • Design of assembly equipment
  • Service



Establishing methods and procedures for defining assembly cycles and systems.


Stripping down mechanical systems and cleaning by means of various washing systems.


Assembly of mechanical systems and certification of cleanliness.

Definition of procedures and P-FMEA

Identification of modes and sequences of a clamping system.

BOM management

Automated handling of components using vertical storage.


Approval of components

Dimensional checks and fatigue tests on mechanical or electrical components.

Engine test room

Engine performance testing and verification.

Gearbox and transmission test bench

Gearbox, electric axle and battery performance testing and verification.



Analysis of a design by the technical department with the aim of finding suggestions for improvement.


Process analysis and P-FMEA on production cycles and assembly of a system.


Critical analysis of production processes and checks to identify improvement measures.



Dimensional checks, metallurgical testing, destructive and non-destructive testing.

Quality documentation analysis

Critical analysis and cross-checking of sample and prototyping documentation as applicable.

Process quality

Support for the assembly lines and monitoring of internal rejects.


Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of a mechanical system and identification of the causes.

Critical evaluation

Evaluation of a component following endurance testing and determination of suitability for production.

Analysis of the quality and cleanliness of a component

Verification of the degree of contamination on a mechanical body.


Reverse Engineering

Reproduction of a component in the absence of design data.

Customised equipment for prototype assembly

Design and production of dedicated equipment.

Bespoke equipment for metrological areas

Design and production of dedicated equipment.

Test benches

Design and production of customised test benches.



On-site services on the customer's premises (long/short term).


Know-how, real experience and discretion.

These are the three cornerstones of S.T

There’s only one way to stop information being spread, and that’s by taking effective action to prevent it from happening.

For us, the confidentiality agreement is an essential link in the chain of trust that we build together from the outset, covering everything from routine document management to the organisation of entire buildings with controlled access.

NDA, three letters giving you total assurance.

Although we're at home in the automotive industry, we also deliver value in other areas.

We work across multiple industries, in Italy and around the world.













Hybrid units

Hybrid units

Light mechanical engineering

Light mechanical engineering

Reduction gears

Reduction gears

Off-highway vehicles

Off-highway vehicles

We’re the partner you’ve been looking for.
And not only that.

Do you need failure analysis, technical approval of prototypes and targeted metrological tests for experimental prototypes?

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We can’t say what we’ve done, or what we’re doing, for them.

But they all confirm that we did it.

Simbolo STPartners

  • Zeiss
  • Taylor Hobson
  • Keyence
  • Mitutoyo
  • Comair
  • Unimore
  • ITSMaker

Simbolo STCustomers

  • Ferrari
  • Stellantis
  • Ibrida
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Hitachi
  • Inesse
  • Scuderia Ferrari
  • Ferrari Classiche
  • Competizioni GT

There’s always a before and an after.

It was in 2007 when Tommaso Scala turned the key that fired up S.T.

Now, fourteen years on, a well-structured, experienced organisation has taken the place of that original project.

S.T. initially dealt with failure analysis and technical approval of designs. This was followed by quality control methods and analysis of components and entire mechanical systems.

Our constantly growing workforce, in terms of staff numbers and expertise, is the best touchstone for your projects. Along with an infinite list of activities that will change how you view your systems.

Welcome to Maranello

You’ll find us in the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley

Via Toscana 104, 41053 Maranello (MO), Italy